5 ways to make your eCommerce Site effective

know your customers
If you want to run a successful online store, you need to know who your customers. You need to who you will be selling your wares to, and you need to know how to cater to these people so they will enjoy using your website. Keep track of your customers’ buying patterns so you can get a good idea of how they behave and what they like to buy.

your site should be mobile friendly
Now-a-days, mostly customers are using mobiles and tablets so your website should be mobile friendly otherwise you will lost a mass.

provide popular payment options
No online store can exist without payments. Offer a wide variety of popular payment options for your customers so they can always easily make a purchase.

creative UX design to attract the user.
To create a profitable online store, your website should have a creative UX design. Design elements should captivate visitors, such as using full-width images and avoiding distraction with minimal text.

your site should be optimize
Before, during and after you launch any eCommerce site, you should invest in testing and analytics. Think like the customer and figure out what’s working, what’s not, and the why behind those answers

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