Best 6 framework for your hybrid mobile app

With the hybrid approach, an app is designed as a regular responsive web app that fits different screen sizes, using the components that come with the mobile HTML5 UI frameworks.

1. Ionic
The leader in the independent development field is arguably Ionic. Ionic’s development team keeps the framework regularly updated, so it generally manages to remain ahead of the competition. Moreover, Ionic is free, while its closest rivals are costly. In addition, Ionic is open-source and boasts a massive environment of resources from the development community.

2. React Native
Open-source, Reusable Components. Developed by Facebook developer. Used by Facebook, Instagram, Uber Food etc. easily integrate native feature with Hybrid.

3. Onsen UI
Onsen UI is a relatively new mobile UI solution, which was formerly dependent on Angular, but has since been liberated as a fully independent framework by its maker, Monaca. Though it currently lacks the exposure enjoyed by Ionic, this is likely to change as more developers discover Onsen UI’s versatility.
Indeed, this is a framework that’s been designed to play nicely with a number of other cross-platform tools including Angular, React, and Vue.js.

In addition to its flexibility, Onsen UI is also really easy to use, and allows development of mobile apps with a truly native look (as can be seen in the image below). It’s also open source and like Ionic, completely free to use, making it a good choice for businesses that have only occasional app development needs.

4. Framework 7
Framework 7 is simplicity itself in use, and any developer comfortable with web-coding technologies (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS) will feel right at home. That’s just the kind of advantage you need to aid productivity and help reduce the development cycle time.

5. jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile is an ideal framework for larger companies that support BYOD, given the likely need to cater for a wide range of device types and operating systems.
After all, the larger the organization, the less likely it is that all employees will be iOS or Android fans—and users of less popular formats tend to be all the more passionate about sticking with what they know.

6. PhoneGap
Native Functionality,Can be extended with native plug-ins& open-source.

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